You are welcome at Nano Solutions & Technologies


We provide meaningful value to communities across the Country by cultivating technology and solutions based entrepreneurial opportunities


We are a leading solutions and technologies based business that contributes to the elimination of poverty through entrepreneurship initiatives

Brand Promise

We provide cutting edge value add technology driven solutions for all seasons

Core Values

  • Accountable
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Global minded

What We Stand For

Every project Nano Solutions & Technologies (Nano S&T) gets involved in, needs to answer a number of simple yet very critical questions:

  • What problems have we identified and are aiming to solve?
  • How do we, in the process, improve the lives of our people, especially those who are currently disadvantaged?
  • Is the project sustainable and scalable and can it be turned into a viable business venture?

In view of the ICT environment still being male dominated world wide and fairly intimidating to female players, it is our aim to make females and youth comfortable in this space and start playing a meaningful as well as an active role.