About Us

Nano Solutions & Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a fully women owned and managed Holdings Company. We pride our self with a number of successful initiatives, that have seen aspiring entrepreneurs have their business concept brought to life, supported and grown. In the process jobs are created and lives of people in various communities have improved.

Since its inception and active participation in the ICT sector in 2008, Nano S&T as taken creative ideas, refined, developed, supported and turned them into operating and sustainable business ventures.

We have made entrepreneurs, created successful subsidiaries and associate companies which in turn have helped them create sustainable jobs.

We have identified (and continue to identify) problems faced by our various communities and developed solutions that address them. In all this we always ensure to use fairly simple methods, which are made possible, accessible and scalable through technology.

We look for excellence, commitment, burning desire to succeed, a workable concept from aspiring and creative entrepreneurs we do the rest.